Deploy Conversational Commerce And

Boost Your Sales & Support

Get 4x ROI with AI chat commerce by unleashing new sales channels. Increase your sales & revenue by assisting visitors everywhere and also, drastically reduce your support costs.


increase in

 sales per quarter


wait time reduction


automated inquiries


load reduction

on support team

Convert Every Conversation Into A Sale

Increase your sales by providing a personalized shopping experience based on the users' past behavior and present context. Make every communication a delightful one 

Virtual Store Assistant For Every User 

Create online social stores and let the bot act as a store assistant to drive your users to the purchase. Be everywhere  where your customers are. 

Be everywhere with the visitor

Deploy one solution on all platforms in minutes

Automated Sales Support 24/7

Anytime, anywhere, let your customers

  • Track order status

  • Cancel the order

  • Exchange the order

  • Refund status 

  • Return the order

Only A Fraction Of Queries  To Support 

ChatGen has live chat support where a specific Agent gets

connected based on the request made

  • Help with returns, refunds & exchanges

  • Address & Delivery concern

  • Rich features agents

  • Post chat feedback

Ready to delight your customer ?

Join fast-growing businesses that use ChatGen Bots to connect with their visitors 24x7


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